Friday, June 13, 2008

Johnson and Johnson stuff.. an addiction

Ok. I admit it. My sister has a sickness.

She's over here visiting from Poland and I made the mistake of telling her about some superb coupons ($3 off 2 items) which we've had... the Johnson and Johnson FIRST AID coupons.. Well, along with the aid of and our coupons and simply pointing her in the right direction, she has now accumulated over 100 small first aid kids from Walgreens and CVS.

Here you can see the first aid kits, which regularly priced are $1.99 (at the top of the picture). She's combined those with some $.79 smaller packages of first aid butterfly closures and added in a few larger items (below)...

and she's got FREE first aid "stuff." So, as long as your total value of your coupons doesn't exceed the total cost of the Johnson and Johnson first aid stuff, then the coupons work, as long as your total number of items is alright as well.

In other words, if you use 4 $3/2 coupons, you should buy $12 worth of "stuff" in a total of 8 items.. But, they do not have to be $1.50 items each. You can use a 4 $1 items and 4 items that total $8.00.. .

Shown here is the $10 first aid kit that she got with some of the $3/2 coupons.

It was pretty neat. She's gotten over 100 of the smaller first aid kits. I don't know how many of the butterfly closures, but a lot of places have those 10 pieces of bandages for only $.79.
Below here is a much smaller first aid kit with the smaller first aid kits which are selling for $1 packaged right in with the first aid kit.
The small one doesn't really have much, but it's handy to carry in your car and has a nice plastic carrying case to keep the ketchup and mayo off of our bandages!

She's going to use these kits in her Christmas packages for the teens in Poland this coming Christmas!
Thank you, Johnson and Johnson! Your generosity is greatly appreciated!