Thursday, October 25, 2007

All of this saving money is costing me a fortune!

Ok. Ok, Ok, ladies... STOP telling me any more good deals!

I'm about to drown in good deals lately.


I read on one of the lists I belong to about the Dollar General 90% off sale going on. So, I headed out to see what I could find. I dropped into two stores, which were right on my way to where I needed to go. I found plenty of hand tools for the flower beds for a dime apiece. When the clerk said, "You must be a gardener," my reply was, "Well, this way when the kids lose them, I don't lose any sleep over it." You've just got to be a money saving couponer to fully appreciate the value of having "spare" hand held yard tools around. And to get them for $.10 each??? Well, that's unheard of!

So, at one store, I got this huge lot of goodies for $8 and change.

The second one, I found all kinds of neat clothing articles. Well, not really neat, but certainly worth the $.50 and $.70 cents which I had to pay for them! But, that one cost me more: around $28, but since it was $280 worth of stuff, I was happy.... especially since I really liked several of the 50 cent items!


Of course, I've joined the ranks of those of you who are lining up at Target to get your candy for only $.16 per bag. I'm obsessed with this task because our teenagers are supposedly going to be in the Christmas parade, handing Candy out to the kids/adults along the parade path. Well, no one likes the nasty cheap stuff, and everyone loves a Reeses peanut butter cup, right? So, why not give away what people like? So, I've gotten 50 bags and my hubby 20 bags so far. However, when it's all dumped into one bin, it's still not amount to much. I think I'll have to head back for a couple more trips. One trip was just under $19 and another was just over $15. Of course, I bought a few other things because I don't want the clerks to start to think it'll be free, call the managers over and throw me out of the store! Ken, however, is doing better. His receipt was just what it was supposed to be: $3.20 plus tax for 20 bags of candy. Of course, he got mostly Reeses.... his favorite candy. I don't think he'll let us toss that stuff!

So far, the clerks have been wonderfully agreeable and helpful at Target.


Last week, Winn Dixie had the Pepperidge Farm Garlic bread, b1g1f and with our $1/1 coupons, it made it FREE when you use two coupons. So, being unsure of how my family would respond to this bread, I only got 8 loaves. I had some at dinner tonight and I see I should have gotten 20 loaves, not a mere 8 loaves! They scarfed down the one loaf and asked for more, which I wouldn't give them, since they were just being teenage boys! (I think I could set down fried snails in front of them and they'd eat them!)

On that trip, my bill had started at $1o7.00. I said to the clerk, "Let's see if we can get it under $30. She laughed when it was $30.78." I said, "We didn't quite do it, but that's close enough."

And Excedrin? Well, I didn't even bother to get any free Excedrin last week, when it was $2 per bottle (use the $2 coupon to get it free), since i haven't put away the 70 bottles that I picked up in September, when I went the last night of the sale to two stores and cleaned them out. Don't worry, it was only 2 hours til closing, and the stores were virtually empty. I don't think that I took someone else's "stuff."


Wow. Wow. They put their $1 stuff which had formerly been $.50 down to $.25. So, I picked up a bunch of goodies: hair care products for girls in cute little containers and really neat looking note pads, for the kids for the Polish Orphans' project, which we'll start to work on.

Talk about sales! I got 107 pieces for just over $28 (including tax). These include hairbrushes, note pads, more note pads, (those things that look like feet are note pads), adorable hair gifts., batteries, videos, candy in lip stick tubes and more! I was pleased!

Talk about running me out of house and home! Oh me. It's just a good thing I've got a plan for most of this stuff or I'd quickly be out of space! And who said that we down here in land of NO DOUBLES couldn't save money!? I've saved so much money that it's costing me a fortune! (I felt like I was actually getting yard sale prices and better--the candy was better than you'd ever find at a yard sale around here!)

Come on, ladies (and gentlemen), order coupons. Go to:
That'll keep me out of the stores. Maybe I should become a professional buyer. It's too much fun to be called work!!!