Sunday, November 16, 2008

Boy, you'd think I didn't shop, as little as I write on here!

Fact is, truth couldn't be farther away! I have been shopping so much lately that my cupboards are bursting and, in fact, I'm resorting to giving things away.

Well, I thought you'd enjoy this story.

I recently (well, during the month of October, early on) was able to find some Publix only store coupons for Huggies baby wipes for $1.50 off each package. Thankfully, they happened to be on sale for only $2.50. (Regular price is $3.49 there). I had gotten a bunch of these particular coupons in the go-round at Publix and saw that others weren't as interested as I am.

So, right near the end, when the sale was going off and the coupons were going to expire, I went out and spent all that I could handle getting. (I figured that $1 per package was 1990's prices, which is what I used to pay 20 years ago when I was hatching out kids!)

When I was taking this picture, my hubby walked by and said, "Are you trying to tell me something?"

My youngest son is 13 years old and I'm 46. If I were trying to tell him something, I don't think I'd do it by stacking up baby wipes in the back end of the van along with my VERY inexpensive Hamburger Helper (not sure if anyone will eat it, but it was only about $.50 per package)... and I took this picture. I assured him that I was only trying to take a creative picture and didn't want to haul them all into the house and then back out again, since I was just going to give them away.

I gave most of the wipes to my youngest sister in Atlanta, who does, indeed, have a toddler in diapers. So, the wipes are going to great use.

And no, I'm not trying to "tell anyone" anything. In fact, the cashiers and bag boys all made comments, but hey, MONK uses wipes galore and he's not even female!