Thursday, January 31, 2008

Savings at Publix abound even in NO DOUBLING LAND

I just wanted to drop a quick line and let you know that at times you simply can't take time to dig up all the coupons that you really want and need. However, if you watch your store's sales, you can take advantage of the store sales and make a huge dent in your bills. I wanted you to see what I stumbled across, achieving a whopping 65% savings with VERY few coupons and just by watching the store sales.

I bought 14 bottles of Mott's Apple Juice, 2 Gorton's shrimp and 8 bags of Ore-Ida potatoes, and 2 bags of red potatoes. The only things I had coupons for were the Mott's.

However, I got my bill down from 82.34 to 28.64, for a savings of $53.70, which amounts to a 65% savings. This is not bad for a basically "unplanned" splurge on everything except the Mott's. I had gone in the store prepared to get the apple juice, but ended up with some great meal "stuff" for the next couple of weeks. However, with 3 teenage boys, one can never have enough french fries. Honestly, it pays to keep them on hand, as they love the ones from McDonald's or Wendy's, but at $2.50 per serving, this is a real steal. I think they were $2.79, b1g1f, which amounted to $1.40 for the WHOLE BAG... not just one serving. The WHOLE BAG is one meal for all five of us. This amounts to French fries for just UNDER $.30 per serving. NOT BAD for something that everyone loves!

So, get out there. TRY IT. You'll enjoy your savings. The best part is, that with all these fabulous ingredients around the house, you'll WANT to stay home and cook!

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